Photovoltaic Bracket System for
Color Steel Tile Rooftop

Mounting step

1.Fix the pre-buried kit on the precast concrete block

2.Mount triangle hinge & adjustable base spport

3.Mount inclined support & inclined beam

4.Mount rail

5.Mount rail splice

6.The mounting of bracket is complete

7.Mount solar panel,fix the panel on the rail with end clamp and mid clamp

8.The mounting is complete


  • Inner Hexagon Bolt Kit

  • Hexagon Bolt Kit

  • Pre-buried Kit

  • Triangular Hinge

  • Adjustable Base Support

  • Rhombus Nut Kit

  • Rhombus Nut Kit

  • End Clamp&Rhombus Nut Kit

  • Mid Clamp Gasket

  • Mid Clamp&Rhombus Nut Kit

  • End Clamp Gasket

  • Rail-Splice

  • Inclined-Beam

  • Inclned-Support

  • Cuide-Rail

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